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Product Skin Stapler Features:

  • 1 Eversible suturing skin incision
  • 2 No contact between staple crown & skin
  • 3 Fast & easy suturing
  • 4 Easy remove, light pain, small scar
  • 5 Suitable to different position suturing incision

Medical Skin Stapler Technical Parameters:

Features  Advantages Benefits Features  Advantages Benefits Features  Advantages Benefits
Rectangle shape staple forming  No contact with skin  No compression on skin
No damage of scars
Contain 35 pcs staples Satisfying all surgery suturing Fast & convenient
Skin staple remover  Staples shaped to M
Perpendicular to skin
Easy removal
Mild pain
Ergonomic design Easy operation  Save strength


Single Patient Use Skin Stapler
  Code Crown Leg Staple Qty
SSA35 13.8mm 3.2mm 35+/-2
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