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Hemorrhoidal Circular Staplers

Major Features:

1. Accommodate to II~IV internal hemorrhoids
2. Accommodate STARR procedure to treat Outlet Obstructed
3. Protect anal cushion and retain precise faeces control
4. Simple and minimum invasive to use
5. Faster procedure, less pain, quicker recovery

Hemorrhoidal Circular Staplers Technical Parameters:

Features  Advantages Benefits Features  Advantages Benefits Features  Advantages Benefits
Staple cartridge capacity  Larger &Deeper  Cutting more tissue
Green indication window 0.8-2.0mm Adjustable tissue press level
Controllablel staple forming height 
Achieve effective suturing & bleeding arresting
Plastic cutting ring  Tactile &auditory sense response  Indication of safe anastomosis completion
2 sizes of 32mm & 34 mm Satisfy all gastroenterostomy  Convenience
Central integral rod Prevent trocar drop inside enteric cavity  Easy & safe operation

Single Use Hemorrhoidal Circular Stapler
  Code Open Leg Length(MM) Staple Qty Closed Staple Height (MM) Outer Dia.(MM) Circular Knife Dia. (MM) Staple Rows
PPH32 4.5 32 0.8-2.0 32.5 24 2
PPH34 4.5 34 0.8-2.0 34.5 26 2
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