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Circular Staplers Features:
1 End-to-end, end-to-side, side-to-side anastomosis
   of GI tract
2 5 different sizes satisfy various gastroenterostomy
3 Establish the most appropriate anastomosis
4 Easy to reach the deepest target anastomotic area
5 Easy firing, suitable for male & female surgeons

Circular Staplers Technical Parameters:

Features  Advantages Benefits Features  Advantages Benefits Features  Advantages Benefits
Patented Staple Cutting Technology Non-stuck of staples after firing No damage of anastomosis
5.3mm Open Leg Length Staple forming height in a range of 1.0-2.5mm  Satisfy stapling of various tissue thickness of gastroenterostomy
Magnified Green Indication Window with a Gap Setting Scale Controllable tissue compression and staple formation height Effectively achieve suturing & homeostasis purposes
Conjoint trocar  Simplify operation processes  Convenient to lower anus retaining surgeries
Plastic cutting ring Tactile & auditory sense response  Indication of safe anastomosis completion
Low Profile Stapler Anvil Easy to insert into enteric cavity & remove from anastomosis Avoid damage of intestinal wall & anastomosis
Short Distance between Firing and Grabbing Handles Less firing strength required Easy firing Suitable for both male
female surgeons
5 Different Sizes  Establish the most appropriate anastomosis  Satisfy various gastroenterostomy
Code Size(MM) Open Leg Length (MM) Staple Dia.(MM) Adjustable Closed Staple Height (MM) Colour Staple Qty Circular Knife Dia.(MM)
Staple Rows
CSB21 21 5.3 0.28 1.0~2.5 Jacinth 18 13 2
CSB23 23 5.3 0.28 1.0~2.5 Orange 18 15 2
CSB26 26 5.3 0.28 1.0~2.5 White 20 17 2
CSB29 29 5.3 0.28 1.0~2.5 Blue 24 20 2
CSB32 32 5.3 0.28 1.0~2.5 Green 30 22 2


Single Use Circular Stapler
  Code Anvil Outer Dia Circular Knife Dia Closed Leg
CSB21 21.4mm 13mm 1.0-2.5 adjustable 5.3mm
CSB23 23.6mm 15mm 1.0-2.5 adjustable 5.3mm
CSB26 25.6mm 17mm 1.0-2.5 adjustable 5.3mm
CSB29 29mm 20mm 1.0-2.5 adjustable 5.3mm
CSB32 31.6mm 22mm 1.0-2.5 adjustable 5.3mm


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