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Major Features

○ Bladeless design avoids to cut abdominal wall
○ Separators on both tip sides offer easier insertion and achieves less trauma
○ Controllable insertion under endoscope
○ Negative thread design on sleeve provides optimum resistance of trocar fixation on 
abdominal wall 
○ Transparent trocar sleeve offers better visibility during procedure
○ Double sealing ring design requires less manpower during instruments insertion and 
extraction through and provides superior air impermeability
Product Name Code Trocar Sleeve
Inner Dia. (MM)
Negative Thread
Double Separators
Trocar Sleeve
Patient Type
5MM Bladeless Short Sleeve Trocar NKTS5 5.8 Y Y 75 Slim
5MM Bladeless Long Sleeve Trocar NKTL5 5.8 Y Y 100 Regular
5MM Bladeless X-Long Sleeve Trocar NKTX5 5.8 Y Y 150 Obese
12MM Bladeless Short Sleeve Trocar NKTS12 12.8 Y Y 75 Slim
12MM Bladeless Long Sleeve Trocar NKTL12 12.8 Y Y 100 Regular
12MM Bladeless X-Long Sleeve Trocar NKTX12 12.8 Y Y 150 Obese


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